Olle Norén

Voice Actor

Olle Norén is studying to become a social worker and chose that education because he wants to work with group dynamics. On his spare time, he writes his own poems and is training at the gym. Melmic is just his taste in humor and he is very glad to be able to be part of it.


A fun fact about Olle is that he collects tabletop games. He is currently owning 25 and his collection is still growing.

He likes to hike, especially in the mountains, and feels at peace when looking out over the mountaintops.

Has competed in Judo and got a few medals.

Two of the most special experiences in his life is when he went skydiving and when he applied to join the submarine division of the army. He then got to do diving exercises.

He loves his girlfriend more than anything in the world.

Personal Quotes

“Whether you believe you can or can´t, you’re right."

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