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Melody Sundberg

Producer, Director, Plot Writer, Actress, Voice Actress, Camera, Audio Editing, Website Admin

Melody Sundberg is the "Mel" part of Melmic and one of the starring actors. Melody is a Swedish musician, artist, writer and photographer. Her main profession is wedding- and family photography, but she is also an experienced nature photographer. Melody is a singer and guitarist mainly singing covers, Christian songs and Childrens' songs. She is occasionally freelancing as a journalist, and also runs a travel blog. She has long experience as a portrait drawer.

Melody has a background in the field of human rights activism. In 2015, she founded Untold Stories, an online platform giving voice to endangered Ethiopian journalists. Furthermore, she has engaged in the situation of Afghan refugees and Christian converts. Melody has an academic degree in Behavioral Psychology. Most importantly, she is a follower of Christ. 


Has a profound interest in history and prefers literature that unfolds in historical settings. She often used to dress in 50's inspired clothing, but stopped because it was "too unconfortable".

Actor Michael Emerson (Lost, Person of Interest) commented on Melodys' potraits of actors that she had a "sensitive perception of our shows and characterizations". He stated that "it is not easy to draw so accurately from life or photo source".

Melody is a passionated traveller and travel blogger. Her favorite locations is Jerusalem, Israel, Chernobyl, Ukraine, and Runde, Norway. 

Is a Scrapbooking card-maker and inspires with DIY cards. 

She once drew a portrait of Norman Reedus, starring actor in the The Walking Dead TV-series. Reedus liked her drawing so much that he posted it on his Twitter- and Facebook-feed, resulting in 6000 people visiting Melodys' portfolio in minutes.

Graduate of Örebro University, where she earned a degree in Behavioral Psychology.

Sings in a choir. 

In the pilot, Mikael plays a Virtual Reality game. As Melody suffers from motion sickness, she avoids VR-games.

Communicates in Swedish Sign Lanugage in a daily basis.

Has no other experience (or education) in acting than her starring role in Melmic. She however participated as a blood stained choir singer as part of play 100 sånger (100 songs) in Örebro 2019. The play told the story about the last few seconds before a terror attack. 

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"Nature is my second home".

"I very much enjoy watching my strokes and shadows become alive on the paper. Even though I am a photographer, for some reason, drawings often feel more alive than photos. It really is something special with a drawing. It, somehow, manages to capture the essence and soul of the person. When you draw someones face, you go through every line, every dot, the perfections and imperfections. You learn their face. Drawing is a craft that is supposed to be made with love and patience. It is a mixture of not only the person in the portrait and their personality, but the personality of the artist as well."

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