Melody Sundberg

Producer, Director, Plot Writer, Actress, Voice Actress, Camera, Audio Editing, Website Admin

Melody Sundberg is the "Mel" part of Melmic and one of the starring actors. Melody is a Swedish musician, artist, writer and photographer. Her main profession is wedding- and family photography, but she is also an experienced nature photographer. Melody is a singer and guitarist mainly singing covers, Christian songs and Childrens' songs.

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Mikael Sundberg

Producer, Director, Actor, Video editing, 3D- and Visual Effects artist, Camera

Mikael Sundberg is the "Mic" part of Melmic and one of the starring actors. Mikael is a Swedish photographer and 3D-artist based in Örebro, Sweden. Born deaf, he is passionate about expressing his creativity through photography. For him, nothing is better than being in nature, especially by the sea, which always gives him a sense of freedom and eternity.

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Olle Norén

Voice Actor

Olle Norén is studying to become a social worker and chose that education because he wants to work with group dynamics. On his spare time, he writes his own poems and is training at the gym. Melmic is just his taste in humor and he is very glad to be able to be part of it.

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