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Official Site: Melmicmedia.com 

Official Facebook: melmicmedia

Official Instagram: @melmicmedia
Country: Sweden
Language: English | Swedish 
Release Date: November 24, 2019 
Also Known As: Melmic / Melmic Media

Taglines: Creates low budget relatable comedy videos at a high level :)

Filming Locations: Örebro, Sweden

Melmic Media creates relatable low-budget videos at a high level - with a lot of humor. Melmic started in the year of 2019. By then, we had discussed making short videos for years. We finally considered the quote “action speak louder than words”, and created the first episodes. The ideas simply originate from our daily life as husband and wife. 

We proudly label our creations as “B-videos”, i.e. low budget videos. That is in fact what want them to be.

B-movies tend to have a unique charm.

We have made the choice not to use vocal communication in the videos. We want everyone to be able to comprehend the plot - no matter language or ethnicity. However, the music, voice- and sound-effects are still an important part and contribute a lot to the humor.

The name “Melmic” is a fusion of the names of the creators - husband and wife - Melody and Mikael. We are behind the ideas as well as the directing, filming, editing and acting. The music is, in most cases, made by the talented Kevin MacLeod at Incompetech. Though we have many years of experience as still photographers, and Mikael earlier worked with video effects, we are basically novices when it comes to motion pictures. We have no experience in acting. But we wished to make videos for a long time and now we finally got a chance to spread joy doing so.

We hope you will enjoy Melmic. Get a bag of pop corn and have fun! :)

Kind regards
Melody & Mikael Sundberg
Örebro, Sweden, 2019

Photo by tsap.co

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